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Week Ending 5 February 2012

February 10, 2012




Not doing simple tasks which take a short amount of time can really annoy other people


Not until you get it yourself (ref another department updating one line on a pdf document on another part of the site owned by them) TBC



I am still a whinger….sometimes


Coming from one of my best friends during what was a fun-filled weekend in Limerick for the lovely LA-based celebrity crimper, this was a bit of an eye-opener. But I have taken it on board and will be observing my every move over the coming weeks to try and cut out the remainder of my old negativity. An essential change.



The Life is wild, the Life is beautiful


Arguably the most fascinating month of my life, total joy all the way, hiccups galore, not sealing the deal, but still meeting and getting to know some of the best people I have met in my life to date. If the next 11 months of this year are even half as good, half as much fun and full of even a quarter of a similar level of joie de vivre, this is gonna be one helluva year. The key now is to make the magic happen consistently! That means learning from all the multitude of lessons so far this year and pushing in hard in every way and that means this blog is about to get more factual and less personal…



We all come down to earth with a bump eventually


…however the last two days of that month were full of anything but happiness….a dull day in Limerick after a great weekend, an alcohol-related comedown, dishwasher spectacularly leaking and packing in, no desire to hit the gym, a job interview I was almost too ill to attend but which went quite well in the end….just goes to show you can’t have it all eh….there is a lot of hard work ahead…. But what a testimony to just how amazing January 2012 was that these relatively small incidents were the greatest negatives of the year to date.



When a bad day is a good day


Sunday, yesterday, was not a good day. I had another hangover, an argument with my friend on his birthday, cocked up dinner arrangements and argued with my date that evening, plus it was freezing cold. My date said that this did not make it a bad day by any stretch of the imagination. And I realised that if this was a “bad” day, then I am very privileged indeed as few others would consider it as such. How life has changed since early September when most days were bad days and a good day was when I didn’t feel depressed….


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    bring the next pooooost please

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