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Week ending 29 January 2012

February 10, 2012



Dealing with the aftermath


I really did not think I would be able to deal with letting one of best friends go from my life. I wondered if I would change my mind or fudge the issues. Well I was in for a surprise. We met on Wednesday lunchtime and after a long conversation lasting an hour which involved smiles and jokes among more serious fare, I finally managed get the message across. And then 


After Friday afternoon, there had been several long facebook conversations over the weekend when he was full of disbelief that I had finally called his bluff. I have and it is final. I may have made the wrong decision in one way but overall I got it right. Now that I have told  a lot of friends about it, including our mutual best Brazilian friends (who also saved me), there are no comebacks! 


My Oracle


After many fascinating conversations with a friend at my current role, the consensus has been that I am her oracle!


On Friday night it was my turn to get some Oracular Spectacular  (link/youtube vid) when my old Mongolian friend Ochi came over for dinner with his girlfriend Basaa. I made them a degustation: sausage penne with onion, courgette , thyme, chilli and cream sauce. We met a decade ago when I was teaching English in the Mongolian capital Ulaan Baatar and Ochi is now over here for 18 months studying in Manchester. We have now come full circle as Ochi and Basaa last came for dinner when he arrived in September when I started to change my life. I Think HE Is MY Oracle !!!  More on this in the future  


How to judge a person’s character properly, right first time

The past week’s events would suggest I am getting rather good at judging character. First there was meeting someone amazing who my hunch about turned out to be correct and who then only went and proved nearly every single thing I had worked out about someone else to be right on the money. And then there was a multitude of fascination occurences in Ireland to contend with, meeting new people, catching up with old and observing their characters. It was seeing both the bad and good sides of people in my life which helped me realise the most important thing is picking up on the nuances, taking a backseat, a little analysis. Here lies the key to judgiung character effectively. 


Cushy Job Syndrome

Last year was the same though as this year…leaving cushy job early doors for a big challenge. Getting the boot after a month and from the kind of role I had always wanted so that by early April I was in dire trouble….I dearly hope the mistakes, the pattern, won’t be repeated and to be honest things are going just a bit too well…but then again that is karma and unlike last year, when they motored along for three months before spectacularly crashing and burning, this period of feelgood begun in September and 4.5 months plus later is showing no sign of abating!  Game on!


The realisation that it is YOUR time!

I have a seriously good number of amazing new people in my life right now, and our best times as friends lie ahead as I am getting to know them. They may read this and smile and it’s all good if they do. You can probably guess if you are included here as most of you I have met over the past year or two and we are still getting to know each other. So this, existing friends, job interviews lined up, gym going well, climbing in the pipeline, FwBs, potential dates, a wicked weekend away, with many more to look forward to…it all adds up to the realisation that at last it quite probably is your time, that finally things are going right for you and providing you work hard they will keep on going right as this time your good luck is here to stay….

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  1. Filipe permalink

    Nice post. Take care : )

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